Die unsichtbare Einheit – Dao De Jing Kapitel 56

Wudang Akademie

Kapitel 56 folgt den Grundsätzen der Gleichheit. Wir haben Meister Yuan Xiu Gang nach der tieferen Bedeutung gefragt:

Kapitel 56

知者不言 言者不知

塞其兑 閉其門 挫其銳 解其紛 和其光 同其塵 是謂玄同

故不可得而親 不可得而疏 不可得而利 不可得而害 不可得而貴 不可得而賤 故為天下貴

The one who knows 1 does not speak (it) 2, one that speaks (it) does not know.

Block the channels, close the door 3, blunt the sharpness 4, resolve the confusions, soften the brightness 5, be together with the dust 6, (it) is called the invisible unity 7.

Hence cannot take (one) 8 to be acquainted, cannot take (one) to be distant, cannot take (one) to be profit, cannot take (one) to be harm, cannot take (one) to be noble, cannot take (one) to be lowly. Therefore is respected by all 9.


1.知 (Zhī), to know. In ancient Chinese, it can also be read as (Zhì), and in such case is synonyms to 智 (Zhì), wisdom, or wise.

2.In the Chinese text, there is no subject…

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